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Don't Get Scammed Join Elite Paid To Click SitesThis isn't me, but this is how I feel when I get scammed.  I have earned some money with sites featured on this website.

These elite sites have proven to be reliable and stable.  Membership is free and for most sites, no investment is needed to earn money.

There are no guarantees.  And so, it is highly advised that you do not invest money you can't afford to lose.  Don't invest a small fortune in the hope of getting rich overnight.

I have applied my own strategies to earn money with the sites featured on this website.  And I offer no guarantee as to how much you can earn.

Apply your own strategies, take your own risks, and exercise caution.  Don't rely on rented referrals which often are referral bots that stop earning money; and in turn, your investment is lost.

Also, don't rely on the online earning calculators which are misleading.  The best strategy is to get direct referrals by promoting your referral links.

Earn Free Money Join Elite Paid To Click Sites Build Your Downlines

The Biz Tips category provides useful information about how to get direct referrals.

Passive income is earned through passive advertising.  There are several ways to get free traffic to your website or referral links.

I have personally found that clicking less and advertising more is both profitable and less time-consuming.

Invest your time and energy rather than your money to get direct referrals and to boost traffic to your website or links.

There is no profit gained by investing in an upgrade if you don't have direct referrals.

Work At Home And Earn Money With Your ComputerAlways Pay YOU First

This is an important strategy that I apply to all my online money-making activities.

Getting paid for the work you do online is the main objective.  Follow the minimum cashout protocols.  Always pay yourself first before investing. 

Monitor the site status on various scam advisory sites and forums.  Monitor the site's own forum for status reports by members.

Do several test drives to reduce the risk of wasting time, energy and money.


 Advertising and Monetizing Work Hand-in-HandThe Mutual Benefits of Advertising And Monetizing Is A Happy Dance

This is one strategy that I use to get referrals and maximize earning potential.

Use manual and viral traffic exchange sites to get paid to surf and get free traffic to your links.

Monetize your website, blog pages, splash pages using Ad Widgets from PTP (paid to promote) and PPC (pay per click) traffic advertising networks.  Get paid to send traffic to the ads in their network.

Monetize by adding third-party product links from Affiliate Marketing companies. Get paid a commission from the sale of a third-party product.


Happy Clickers Uses Malware ProtectionMalware Protection for Your Computer Is A MUST

Happy clickers use malware protection. It is imperative when working online to earn money. 

Advertisements are riddled with viruses and sites are regularly hacked.

Don't risk damaging your computer or become a victim of identity theft.

Regular scan checks of your computer and the use of quality malware protection is a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

It's A Great Day When You Can Earn Money Daily

It's a great day when you can earn money with free paid to click and revenue share sites, affiliate marketing and blogging networks.

Having a great day means earning passive income online with little or no investment to get paid to visit websites, promote links, sell third-party products and receive ROI, a return on your investment in revenue share sites. 

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