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A computer, an internet connection, malware protection, bitcoin wallet address, and payment processors is what you need to get started in the bitcoin industry.


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One of the most common mistakes people do when starting in the paid to click and bitcoin industry is not installing anit-malware protection.  They risk damaging their computer hard drive and exposing themselves to virus, trojans and identity theft. 

Earn Money Online And Protect Yourself Against Identity TheftSites and faucets are repeatedly attacked by hackers despite the use of anti-malware protection and stepped-up security protocols.  Also, advertisements contain viruses that create a lot of technical difficulties.  It is a good idea to do a daily threat scan in order to keep your computer functioning at an optimal level.  Permanently delete threats located in the History Tab.  Shut down, and then restart your computer.

Digital money is electronically stored. You can generate different types of wallets which included desktop, internet-based, tablet, mobile bitcoin wallets.  Each wallet has its unique numerical and alphabetical digital code.  This is the wallet address. You send and receive bitcoin using a bitcoin wallet address. Register at a crypto currency exchange to generate a bitcoin wallet address.

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Convert digital money to cash at crypto currency exchange sites and withdraw funds using payment processors or wire bank transfer.  Service fees apply, so review the cashout protocols and policies.   

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