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The Difference Between PTP and PPCEarn Money With Paid To Promote Advertising

Paid to promote sites provide rotator or banner URL to manually post on traffic exchange, mailer and paid to click sites, social media and forums, any other form of traceable traffic source.  PTP compensates publishers for unique and non unique page views. 

Pay-per-click advertising networks automatically submit and update network advertising on websites.  PPC advertising compensates publishers with revenue share based on the number of clicks to network ads.  

The application processes is also different.  Individuals are invited to join paid to promote sites; whereas in pay per click networks, individuals apply to become a publisher and submit their website for approval.   Prerequisites apply.  The website must have a registered domain name, paid hosting, and a minimum volume of daily traffic to their website.   

Webmasters become PPC publishers to optimize the SEO, boost traffic and increase the dollar value of your website.  Online earners generate real passive income promoting PTP. 

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