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The computer age has made online income a viable means of livelihood.  Affiliate marketing is one of the foremost prominent sources for generating passive income.  In the face of high unemployment and job insecurity, affiliate marketing has steadily become a career alternative.

There Are Two Types Of Affiliate Marketing Networks.Monetize on your expertise, passion or hobby to build your own successful online business in the internet industry.  Review the eMoney Biz Tips category to find helpful tips and recommendations.

The onus for success as an online affiliate marketer is more than just choosing the right 'niche' market to promote -- which is popularly defined as an 'evergreen niche' market ( a brand or product that is 'in demand' all-year round and offers 'moderate to high profitability').  To paraphrase, affiliate marketers need to find a brand or product that practically 'sells itself' because it is always in demand for two reasons.  Firstly, it isn't a seasonal product; and secondly, this product has a well-established following of customers and repeat customers.  The popular advice is to 'narrow the focus' until you find a best seller.

In my personal opinion, the onus is on the salesperson.  How many times have you walked into a supermarket or boutique to shop for a particular item; and in turn, you end up shopping everything but the item you initially hand in mind to buy.  This was probably because a salesperson or a promotional ad campaign sparked your interest and changed your mind. 

You can create your own successful online business by selling other people's products.  Affiliate marketing is real passive income.  Learn how master social media marketing and content writing as a business tool for advertising or marketing the brands and products in your 'niche' market; then you can truly monetize on your expertise, passion or hobby.

Publishers apply to Master Affiliate Networks which are third party companies that host and manage merchant affiliate programs. They are technically referred to as Performance Based Advertising Networks because they connect ecommerce merchants with web publishers or 'affiliates'.  These web advertising giants are ideal for publishers to find multiple affiliate programs to promote.  They provide affiliate tracking to track sales and pay commissions to affiliates or 'associates' who promote products or services from multiple merchant affiliate programs.

However, there are several ecommerce merchants who have an independent In-house Affiliate Program to manage and track their affiliate program.

Affiliates receive a compensation or 'commission' per sale or per action (such as registration or opt-in to merchant affiliate offers, newsletters and any per click and per lead activity generated by publishers).  Many ecommerce merchants offer three affiliate payment structures to affiliates or web publishers who promote their products or services: pay per sale, pay per click and pay per lead. 

Master Affiliate Networks as well as In-House Affiliate Programs require Publishers to have a quality website to promote their products, independent hosting and a registered domain name as pre-requisites for joining affiliate programs. Some affiliate programs manually approve publishers after reviewing the quality of their website including search engine optimization and minimum daily traffic. While some affiliate programs immediately or 'automatically' approve publishers.

Joining Master Affiliate Networks and In-House Affiliate Program is free - no fees or hidden service fees apply.  Although some Master Affiliate Networks do suspend Publisher accounts and apply a penalty fee if no sale is made usually within the first six months.  This penalty fee is not billed to publishers, but it is on record to be deducted from their payout whenever they reach the minimum payout.

The minimum payout is usually $50 or more and usually includes two payment methods: cheque or direct deposit.   

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