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The emergence of bitcoin was a catalyst for the creation of new decentralized digital currencies.  All other digital currencies other than bitcoin are altcoins.  The word altcoin is an abbreviation of the phrase 'Bitcoin Alternative'.

The introduction of new altcoins has become a common phenomenon in the bitcoin industry.  While the flood of new coins into the bitcoin marketplace can be overwhelming for some networkers, it can also be an adrenaline rush for others.

Litecoin, dogecoin, dash coin, darkcoin and primecoin are considered to be the most important altcoins after bitcoin.  This is why there are considerably more faucets, rotators, generators, cloud mining, crowdfunding and investment sites conducting business in these crypto currencies.

Ethereum Versus BitcoinHowever, new coins periodically give bitcoin 'a run for the money'.

The value of ethereum has soared considerably in 2016.  The addition of ethereum wallets on elite crypto currency exchange sites is definitely exciting news for the bitcoin community.

Altcoins hobbyists revel in the ever-changing colour of new altcoins because they offer new profit opportunities on the crypto currency exchange. Trades involve more risk-taking as these coins are usually more volatile and less predictable in the bitcoin marketplace. 

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