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The Criteria Of  Top Paying Paid To Click Sites To Earn Money And Get Paid

Criteria For Elite Sites

Sustainability  No investment is needed for free members to earn money.  There are many ways to earn.  There is a cashout protocol.  Payment is prompt.

Reliability  A legit PTC website is a registered company.  It has an active forum and forum moderators to provide clarification and support.  The owner has a good reputation in the PTC industry.  The admin provides updates about promotional offers, problem-solving and decision-making issues, and replies to support tickets. 

Stability  The site has been in business for several years and it has a good reputation and strong presence in the paid to click industry.  Protocols exist to monitor rented referrals.  Active rented referrals, active forum and forum moderators, active payment processors, and more than one payment processor to accommodate members are strong indicators of legit sites.

Features  Low-cost and short-term upgrades are available for members to test drive their earning potential.  They have regular promotional offers.  They offer several ways to earn money.  Cashout protocol and payment processor fees are clearly outlined.  

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