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Decentralized Virtual Currency Is Internet Money

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Earn Digital Money Or Bitcoin And Use It To Shop, Invest, Make Payments

Digital money, digital currency, emoney, ecash, virtual currency, virtual money, multicurrency crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, altcoins are all synonymous terms.

Digital money is a peer-to-peer based system of digital money transactions.  Digital money is internet money because it is electronically created, stored and used over the internet.

It is 'decentralized' because there is no central or trusted authority that controls and stores digital money.  It is an internet-based form of currency used and stored electronically in an internet-based wallet which has a unique numerical and alphabetical digital code.

You can store digital money on your desktop wallet, but you can't store it at the bank.

Each type of coin requires a separate wallet address.  For example, you cannot collect dogecoin to a bitcoin wallet address.  You need to generate a dogecoin wallet address to store dogecoin.

Use a local Bitcoin ATM machines to instantly convert bitcoin to cash.

Use Coinbase to exchange digital money and deposit cash to Paypal or directly to your bank account.

Coinbase Exchange 

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