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Earn Money With Revenue Share ProfitsRevenue Share Is The Practice Of Sharing Profits

Advertising, user-generated social media platforms and online businesses are three popular models of revenue sharing. There are different types of advertising, social media and business revenue share models which compensate participants in various ways.

Advertising is one of the hottest commodities in the internet industry which explains why advertising revenue share is the most popular model of revenue share in the paid to click industry.  My Paying Ads and 154 Pack are advertising revenue share sites.

Pages[@]Bitbillions is a social media network that uses revenue share to compensate bloggers from the sale of third-party product links advertised on their blog page.  Other social media platforms compensate web content writers according to the volume of traffic their writing generates for the network.

Revenue share is also used as an incentive program for online businesses.  Recyclix is a waste management company that operates in Poland and it uses revenue share to compensate investors.

How revenue is collected, measured and distributed should be clearly stated and explained in detail.  Revenue share involves risk-taking.  Promotional offers are no guarantee that you will see a return on your investment. 

Some revenue share sites in the paid to click industry provide alternative ways for participants to earn a small sum of money by clicking daily ads and gradually build enough money in the balance to invest in their advertising revenue share plan.

Revenue share requires financial investment.  It is strongly advised to collect your initial investment.  Always pay 'you' first to reduce the risk of financial loss.

Compounding principal and profit is one way to build your earning potential.  Generating revenue share income is real passive income. 


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