Emoney Business Tips

Learn How to Detect Scam Sites

Join sites that have been in business for many years and have a good reputation for customer service, cashout protocols and site maintenance.  Site owners should:

  • Monitor the status of rented referrals.
  • Provided regular promotional offers and status updates.
  • Implement anti-malware software to safeguard against hacker attacks.
  • Maintain an active forum with active forum moderators.
  • Answer support tickets.
  • Adhere to the cashout protocols in the Terms of Use and FAQ.
  • No investment is needed to earn.
  • No upgrade is needed to cashout.


To Earn Money Frequently Review The Status Of Paid To Click And Revenue Share Sites On Scam Advisory Sites Safeguard Against Scams

  • Be alert to scam reports listed on the forum.
  • Scam Advisory sites monitor the paid-to-click and bitcoin industry.  Use them to research the credibility and history of the site before signing up.
  • Rented referrals can be bots that become inactive.
  • Cashout when the minimum threshold is reached.
  • Cashout regularly.
  • Some scams pay ONLY the first withdrawal to trick members to buy upgrades.
  • Building a downline is time consuming.  Scam sites do not survive the test of time.


Safeguard Against Financial Loss

  • Use the FREE membership to earn money and pay for advertising.
  • Do invest money to purchase upgrades.  There is no way to get your money back if the site admin shuts down the site, suspends you, and does not pay.
  • Create a diversified portfolio of paying sites and faucets to maximize earnings.
  • Create a balanced portfolio. Select in total a maximum of 10 sites.


Invest Your Time And Energy As Wisely As You Invest Your Money

  • People have different work habits and work schedules.
  • It is important to create and implement your own strategies to make money online.
  • I apply certain strategies to my daily regime of clicking in order to save time and energy.  These strategies work for me, but they may not work for you.
  • Create your own strategies and determine what works best for you.

(Quote) Winners are not people who seldom fail, but people who seldom give up.

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