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 Detect Scam Sites

The best way to avoid scam sites is to join elite sites that have been in business for many years and have a good reputation for customer service, cash out protocols and site maintenance.

Legit PTC sites and digital money faucets monitor the status of rented referrals, provide regular promotional offers and status updates, and implement anti-malware software to safeguard against hacker attacks.  They maintain an active forum with active forum moderators, answer support tickets, and follow the cash out protocol outlined in the Terms of Use and FAQ.  Also, no upgrade is needed to cash out, and no investment is needed to earn money.

To Earn Money Frequently Review The Status Of Paid To Click And Revenue Share Sites On Scam Advisory Sites There are precautions members can apply to safeguard against scam sites and financial loss.

  • Be alert to scam reports. There are several scam advisory sites that monitor the status of elite and new PTC sites and crypto currency faucets.
  • Monitor the earning potential of rented referrals.
  • Test drive the customer service and cash out protocols several times, before upgrading and investing money.
  • Don't upgrade too soon. Build your referral downline. Direct referral income is real passive income.
  • Building your referral downline for a new site is equally advantageous to building referral downlines for elite sites. Scam sites usually don't survive the test of time it takes to build a good-sized referral downline. They usually pay members their first withdrawal request in order to encourage them to make purchases.
  • Research the credibility and history of the site owner.
Monitor the Paying Status Of Paid To Click And Revenue Share Sites To Save Time And Earn Money

There are certain strategies members can implement to optimize their earning potential.

  • Create a diversified portfolio to optimize income.
  • Join elite sites to secure income.
  • Maintain a balanced portfolio of daily clicking to maintain good time and work management skills.
  • Apply strategy to fulfil objectives.

And finally, some words of wisdom by me. People have different work habits and work schedules. So, it is important to create and implement your own strategies to make money online. I apply certain strategies to my daily regime of clicking in order to save time and energy. These strategies work for me, but they may not work for you. You need to create your own strategies. You need to determine what works best for you. I strive to invest my time, energy and money wisely; and for this reason, I recommend joining elite sites.

Best of luck and happy clicking.

(Quote) Winners are not people who seldom fail, but people who seldom give up. Favicon Fast Forward Generate Income Fast

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