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Revenue share companies offer members an opportunity to earn money with little or no investment.   Compounding principal and profit is one alternative method to build your earning income potential.  There are several models and you should review the terms of use carefully before investing your own money.
Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing business ventures which in turn offers individuals who participate in crowd sourcing activities various rewards.  The reward may be monetary such as a ROI (return on investment), or it may be a mutual agreement to finance or crowd source member business ventures or special needs project.
Both revenue share and crowdfunding have become an alternative means for financing entrepreneurs as well as a trending opportunity for passive income earners.  It is well worth the investment of time and energy to review and research these generating online income opportunities.
User generated social media platform sites is yet another source of revenue share.

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Earn Monewy With My Paying Ads Advertising Revenue Share Site

My Paying Ads is an advertising revenue share company established in 2015.

There are several ad pack plans earning at a higher rate of return.  The minimum ad pack price is $5 offering 120% ROI (return on investment). Cashout at the maturity date of the ad pack.  Click daily PTC ads and manually surf ads to earn money to the balance.

Cashout via Join Payza To Get Paid For The Work You Do OnlineJoin Solid Trust To Get Paid For The Work You Do Online Join Perfect Money To Get Paid For The Work You Do Online Get Paid In Bitcoin For The Work You Do Online
NOTE: The withdrawal request must be made to the same processor used to deposit funds.


Earn Money With 154 Pack Advertising Revenue Share Site

154 Pack is an advertising revenue share company established in 2016.

They offer 154 ROI (return on investment) and the ad pack price is $10.  There is a $5 monthly membership fee for those who want to invest in ad pack revenue share.  No membership fee applies to purchase Activity Points at $0.70 to earn $0.01 daily.  Promotional offers are available to help you get started for free.  Also, click the daily PTC ads to earn $0.10+ daily.

The minimum cashout is $5 via Join Payza To Get Paid For The Work You Do Online
NOTE:  The minimum daily withdrawal is $5 and the maximum is $150.  An activity point is subtracted from your balance for each dollar you cashout.

More Options Available - The admin outlines how to build your revenue share earning potential and secure the activity point average. 

Join Recyclix Waste Management Revenue Share And Earn Money

Recyclix is a waste management revenue share company established in 2015.

Get started for free with their promotional offer of €20.  You must deposit a minimum of €20 within 60 days to validate your account.  Each cycle is about 10 days.  Earn as high as 300% ROI (return on investment) in five 10-day cycles.  Deposits are made via bank card and wire transfer. The minimum cashout is €20. 
Withdrawal is via  Bank Wire and Join PayPal To Get Paid For The Work You Do Online 
How Does This Program Work
Deposit €20 to start the recycling process.  After the first 10-day cycle your initial deposit is now €40 and the profit is €1.20. Continue to recycle the €40 for a second 10-day cycle.  At the end second 10-day cycle the €40 is now €60 and the profit is €1.60.
The Next Stage Is Important
NOTE: If you decide to cashout at €60 you will lose money, or you will receive less than the initial €20 deposited.  The profit share is 25% minus the service fees amounts to approximately  €15.
When you continue the recycle process for another 10-day cycle, the €60 is returned to the amount of €20.  In other words, each time you restart the recycling processes: €20 becomes €40 + €1.20 profit in the balance; €40 becomes €60 + €1.60 profit in the balance; and at €60 it is returned to €20 to restart the recycling process.
You earn by compounding the recycling in this way: 
€20 start recycling until reaches €40 + €1.20 profit (cycle 1)
€40 restart recycling until reaches €60 + €1.60 profit (cycle 2)
€60 restart recycling at €20 until reaches €40 + €1.20 profit (cycle 3)
€40 restart recycling until reaches €60 + €1.60 profit (cycle 4)
€60 restart recycling at €20 until reaches €40 + €1.20 profit (cycle 5)
€40 restart recycling until reaches €60 + €1.60 profit (cycle 6)
In six 10-day cycles of recycling €20 the sum profit is €8.40
More Options Available
Recyclix offers members options to cashout the profit to the balance after each cycle or to compound the profit by adding it to the repurchase balance.  They explain how members can increase the percentage of their revenue share by purchasing equipment to facilitate the recycling process.
ENDING SOON!  €20 Promotional Offer To Get Started For Free
Remember you must invest a minimum of €20 within 60 days to validate your account.  The upside is that the €20 promotional offer will continue to earn you a little extra in addition to your €20 minimum investment.



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