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How To Generate Passive Income


Earn Money With Leads Leap Traffic Exchange And Revenue Share Site

LeadsLeap Advertising Revenue Share!

Add the LeadsLeap Ad Widget to your website and when visitors click the ads; you will earn 15% for Free Members or 30% for Pro Members weekly revenue share when you send traffic to the ads in their network. Earning is based on 15% or 30% of their average weekly earnings in the past 4 weeks and the amount of traffic you send in that week.  The more people who click your Ad Widget, the more earnings you will make.

LeadsLeap Free Link Tracker:  Use the LeadsLeap Real Tracker when you advertise on other traffic exchanges; and when you share links in social media networks and emails to earn points.

Here is a visual translation of the Free Link Tracker #1
and Free Link Tracker #2

Encash Points Converts to Money:  Surfing 10 sites daily in mandatory in order to earn from the LeadsLeap Revenue Share Widget.  Manually surf sites to earn more points to convert to cash once every 24 hours.  A minimum of 50 points is required to encash points and convert to cash.


Earn Money With ShareASale Affiliate Marketing Network

ShareASale AffiliateNetwork!

Choose a niche market and create a money-making website to monetize using third-party product links. ShareASale provides many tools and tutorials to help you track, monetize and optimize.


Earn Money With Rotate4All Paid To Promote Site

Rotate4All Simple Online PTP! is one of the best PTP to earn money FAST.  Get paid $0.000160 per surfed site and $0.000032 for each website surfed by your referrals.

Surf rate: $0.000160/valid visit
Surf duration: Min 5 seconds/valid visit
Sites available for surfing per user and per 24 hours: 1000
Total possible Surf Earning Amount per user per day:  $0.16
Unique visits per hour $0.00016
Non Unique visits per hour - 1st Level - $0.000080
Non Unique visits per hour - 2nd Level - $0.000040
Non Unique visits per hour - 3rd Level - $0.000020
Non Unique visits per hour - 4th Level - $0.000010
Non Unique visits per hour - 5th Level - $0.000005

Unlimited Referrals:  Earn 20% for valid referral earnings from both PTP and Link Surfing.

Link Promoting:  Accepted valid sources include PTC sites, Revenue Share programs, Manual Traffic Exchanges and any traceable source with a minimum 3 second exposure time.

Minimum Cashout:  Manual payment request when balance reaches $2 minimum.  Payment is made within 24 hours via PayPal and Payza.

Join PTP (paid-to-promote) sites to monetize your web pages and get paid to promote their services and rotators.  Submit their referral rotator url or banner url on manual traffic exchange, mailer and PTC sites, user-generated social media platforms and forums to generate passive income. Use PTP links to monetize your splash pages.  Get paid for unique and non-unique page views. PTP sites also offer a multi-tier referral commission payment system.  Add Ad Widgets to your website to earn advertising revenue when you send traffic to their network ads.  Join Affiliate Marketing Companies and monetize your web pages using third-party product links.  Get a commission for each third-party product sale.  Become a publisher for PPC (pay per click) advertising companies. PTP sites provide a referral or banner url to manually post; whereas, PPC advertising networks automatically submit and update advertising.  Both PTP and PPC publishing are worthwhile alternatives to monetize your website and generate passive income.

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