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 Join Elite Paid To Click and Revenue Share Sites To Avoid Chaotic Office WorkPTC And Digital Money Tips

  A diversified portfolio makes the best use time and energy.

Periodically edit your portfolio to maximize your earning potential and exercise good time management.  Joining too many sites can be exhausting and chaotic.

Joining elite sites and faucets is one way to minimize the risk of being scammed.

A good time management tip for clicking is to open two or more windows in one browser. You can also minimize two or more browsers on your screen. Most sites and faucets permit this method of rotating clicks which makes the clicking process faster and less tedious.

Renting referrals MAY earn you money. Rented referrals are usually bots.  They are unreliable and unstable. They stop earning money.

Do not rely on the earning calculator located on some sites, as it can be misleading.

Join Elite And Trusted Paid To Click Sites And Revenue Share Sites to Invest Money WiselyInvest your time instead of your money to get direct referrals.

Purchasing upgrades and renting referral bots is risky because you may not see a return on your investment.

Don't upgrade too early.  Get direct referrals before upgrading.

Income from direct referrals is real passive income.  Join user-generated social media platforms and forums to get followers which may convert to direct referrals.

Join elite sites to secure income.  They offer flexible time and work management features as well.

Passive income needs passive advertising.  Less clicking and more advertising is better.  New sites are launched daily and it can be especially tempting to join too many sites and faucets.

Don't invest money you can't afford to lose.

There are no guarantees in the PTC and digital money industry. And there is no central and trusted authority for digital money which operates as a peer-to-peer based internet system.

There is no such thing as free money.  Get organized and prioritize.  Monitor your sites and edit your portfolio of sites and faucets to get the most out of your time, energy and hard work.

Enjoy your work and have fun! 

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