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Our mission at eMoney Biz is to provide individuals searching for alternative sources of revenue with insightful reviews, helpful tutorials, recommendations and products to help them earn money online.

The Portfolio Page features a diversified and balanced portfolio of elite sites in the paid to click industry, elite faucets in the bitcoin industry, and elite affiliate marketing networks in the internet industry.  Read the featured articles located in the attachment at the bottom of the Portfolio Page for insights and advice about earning money online with paid to click.  Preview the informational queries in the FAQs Page for a better understanding about the different types of sites, faucets and models of revenue share.   

The Monetize Page presents three highly recommended sources of passive online income. Learn more about how to generate passive online income through pay per click advertising, ad widgets from traffic exchange and paid to promote sites, and the sale of third-party products in affiliate marketing.  Read the featured articles located in the attachment at the bottom of the Monetize page to make the most of your time, energy and money.  Visit the Biz Tips Page which provides a general overview of important 'how-to information' to help you earn money in paid to click and affiliate marketing.

Find recommended models of profit sharing in the Invest Page which includes sharing profits from advertising revenue, social media revenue, business revenue, and crowdfunding  revenue. For clarification preview the informational queries in the FAQs Page.

The recommended bitcoin and altcoins faucets, rotator, and generators featured in the Bitcoin Page have been selected to save you time.  These faucets have a good reputation in the bitcoin industry, and some have been in business since the inception of bitcoin. Preview the informational queries about bitcoin in the FAQs Page for a better understanding about crypto currency.

The Affiliate Marketing Page outlines a number of new and well-established affiliate programs and links to useful information about how to choose a 'niche' market, how to write a mission statement for your website, how to search engine optimize site structure and features in order to drive traffic to your site and gain a Google Authority.  Also find additional links to free online training and support for affiliate marketers and free online tools and resources for webmasters.  Learn about different types of affiliate programs and how to get started in affiliate marketing for free.

The eMoney Biz Tips Page is designed to assist newcomers to affiliate marketing and paid to click.  It features reviews, recommendations, tutorials and free online tools, resources, training and support.  The reviews are written to help webmasters apply strategies to fulfil their objectives.  The articles focus on key objectives: how to drive search engine traffic to your site; how to boost traffic through relevant content writing, blogging on social media networks, and article marketing; how to optimize site structure to fulfil standardized search engine protocols; and lastly, how to get started in affiliate marketing.  The Biz Tips Page is a practical starter's guide for both webmasters and affiliate marketers searching for tips and hints about how to optimize their site, how to drive free (targeted and organic) traffic to their brand or products, how to generate leads or get new visitors to their site, and how to increase sales.

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