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Why Content Optimization Is Important

Have you written original content?  The best kind of traffic is organic traffic which is achieved through content writing.  For search engines 'content is king'. Posting banners, links, images and videos is not enough to grab the attention of search engines in order to get free traffic to your website.  In point of fact, search engines consider this to be spamming. 

It is equally important to SEO your banners, images and links.  The best method is strategically place them near or next to relevant content (useful information); or at the very least, use headlines, tag lines, and anchor text to help search engines their purpose and usefulness.

Regularly posting fresh content (or blogging) is very important to maintain good search engine optimization.

Relevant content is useful and informative.  It incorporates keywords, keyword phrases and long keyword descriptions. And it is written with the target audience in mind.  Geo-targeted, gender-targeted, and age-targeted content optimizes search engine optimization because it helps search engines direct address search queries.

There are three types of search queries that you can target with your site content.

A navigational search query is searching the worldwide web for a specific site, business or brand.  For example, you enter 'Google images' to find Google Images site that allows users to search the worldwide web for image content.  Advertisers (the merchant stores) in affiliate marketing target navigational search queries because they own the specific site, business or brand a person keys into the Google search bar.  They use branded keywords (using  their brand name or company name) to drive consumer traffic to their site.  Publishers in affiliate marketing who are in the business of selling other people's brands or products cannot target navigational search queries.

Publishers in affiliate marketing can target informational search queries with content writing that targets informational queries and drives organic traffic and leads to their money-making website.  In short, the best method to target informational search queries is provide useful and relevant information about the brands, products or services you are selling online.  And this why 'content is king' and well-written search engine optimized content drives consumer traffic to your website.   There are several styles of writing that target informational query searches:  'how to' articles and videos, info-graphic banner design, product reviews, checklists, tips and hints articles, beginner guides and step-by-step guides.

Transactional search queries are people looking to buy or order a specific brand or products.  Affiliate marketers can target transactional search queries by using pay per click advertising to target specific 'search terms'; and they can use content writing by creating optimized product pages to drive consumer traffic and leads to their site.

There are far more informational search queries than navigational and transactional search queries.  In affiliate marketing the best way to drive free traffic and leads to your site is to target informational search queries by creating and regularly posting information-rich, optimized original content to promote your brands, products or services. 


The use of keywords, keyword phrases and long keyword descriptions should be used throughout the content writing, and not just in headings and tag lines.

 A Few Words About Site Structure

Use a maximum of three heading tags ( H1, H2 and H4 for example) on each web page and search engine optimized banners and images - read the article about Image Optimization for helpful tips and how-to instructions.

Write original content and use various styles of writing to promote your brands, products or services. The flow of information should be logical and the purpose of writing should be clear.  Edit for spelling and grammar mistakes, the proper use of heading tags, the rich use of key words, phrases and descriptions, and do the best you can to communicate with your target audience.

You need to become familiar and knowledgeable about 'other people's products' to build a successful online business.  Brand yourself an authority figure for useful information.  Brainstorm and research online through forums and social media platforms to find common or popular informational search queries people have about the brands, products or services that you are promoting.

Examples of informational search query tags:  how to, how do you, how you should, which is better, how much, why should you, what is the best.  Use them to create topic heading for your content writing (for example:  How Do Women Justify Their Spending For Top Fashion Lingerie; What Are The Top 10 TLC Lingerie Laundry Tips).

Google 'popular informational search queries' and find free online tools to help you find the popular keywords used in search queries on various search engines: https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2066257/what-people-search-for-most-popular-keywords 

Target those informational search queries using content writing in order to have search engines crawl your website for relevant organic content; and in return, drive free traffic and leads to your web pages.

Organic content and content optimization boost traffic to your website.  You need traffic (a designated minimum volume of daily traffic from search engines) to gain a Google Authority which has replaced the use of Page Rank. 

Two types of Google Authority are assigned by search engines to your website.  One is assigned to the website url (for example, http://emoneybiz.gr ) and a second Google Authority is assigned to web pages.  And this is why; using pay per click advertising to boost traffic to your website is not enough to get search engines to assign a Google Authority to your website.  PPC is a short-term solution to boost traffic.  Good quality content writing is recognized by search engines and it is the best way to get organic 'free' search engine traffic from informational and transactional search queries.  It is the best way to maintain optimum traffic volume in order to gain a Google Authority for your money-making website and web pages.  The outcome of increased traffic and leads search engines send to your website is a higher conversion rate of traffic to sales.

And of course, don't forget to SEO the Page Properties of each web page.  The title tag should be between 55 to 60 characters and the description tag should be between 150 to 160 characters.  Here is a useful and time saving free online tool to help you write and edit the page properties http://www.tutorialrepublic.com/faq/what-is-the-maximum-length-of-title-and-meta-description-tag.php 

Best of luck and have fun! 

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