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Google Search To Find Free Tools And Resources 

  • http://optimizr.com/login Optimizr Easy Website Check is a very useful tool to help you search engine optimize your website.  The list of protocols for optimum search engine optimization is extensive.  It is a relief to find this information and tutorials on one site.
  • https://wordcounter.net/ You will love this free tool. It measures word count and it provides keyword, keyword phrase and keyword long description density.  It will help you search engine optimize relevant content writing.
  • http://www.tutorialrepublic.com/faq/what-is-the-maximum-length-of-title-and-meta-description-tag.php  This is another very useful and time saving tool to help you write and edit the page properties of web pages in your site.  Unlike image alt tags which have no word count limitation, the html title tag and html description tag in the page properties have word count restrictions.  The html title tag should be between 55 - 60 characters and the html description tag should be between 150 - 160 characters.


These banner maker tools can service all you banner needs for web design and social media profile pages.

  • https://www.befunky.com/  A free online banner maker including collage and photo editor with an extensive range of design and templates including social media templates, infographics, business cards.

Microsoft Expressions Web 4 is compatible with Microsoft Front Page site builder. Expressions Web 4 site builder is optimized for html and responsive html5 web design.  As of 2020 Expressions Web 4 is no longer offered by Microsoft.  Microsoft RocketCake Responsive Website Builder is now available by Microsoft as a free download.  The paid version costs about $40.   available both free and a paid version

Create a Gmail account and obtain a Google Analytics Tracking Code. Google search to find more free tracking alternatives.

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