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How To Boost Traffic And Optimize Your Site

Two key objectives must be fulfilled in order to create a successful online business in affiliate marketing.  The first objective is to drive free search engine traffic and maintain an optimum volume of traffic to your website; and the second objective is to use passive advertising to increase traffic and generate leads that convert to sales.  The following strategies enable webmasters and affiliate marketers to achieve both objectives. 

Create A Reciprocal Link Building Exchange Program

Reciprocal Link Building is the mutual exchange of site urls between website owners to create backlinks from one site owner to another site owner.  Thereby boosting free search engine traffic to both their sites. Webmasters create a reciprocal link building exchange program on your site.  Preferably, link with sites that have a similar 'niche' market in order to drive 'targeted' free search engine traffic from the informational and transactional queries of people searching the internet for specific brands or products in your 'niche' market.  Backlinks is one of the standardize search engine optimization protocols.  They optimize your site for search engine approval to help you gain a Google Authority, because they are permanent fixtures that drive daily traffic to your site.

Pay per click advertising is not enough to gain search engine recognition, because it is a short-term solution to drive traffic to your site. 

The question remains, What if I can't find webmasters with a similar 'niche' market?

Does backlinking with non-related 'niche' markets work in the same way?

  • Backlinking is a search engine optimization protocol for 'site recognition', so too many backlinks to non-related 'niche' markets may lead search engines to read your site as spam.
  • But, having backlinks to a few non-related 'niche' market sites is definitely preferable to not having any backlinks at all.
  • Backlinks are a pre-requisite for search engine recognition and approval to gain a Google Authority to your site url.
  • Reciprocal backlinking drives free search engine traffic to your site website.

In affiliate marketing, webmasters need backlinks to gain a Google Authority.  It cannot be achieved by using only pay per click advertising. Create a page in Google Business.  Designate a location for Google Maps.  Encourage customers and friends to post a comment and score for your website. This is friendly SEO optimization that requires very little effort to set up and manage. And, it's free to use.

The Google Authority assigned to a website url is like a 'merit' badge from search engines which 'award' your site url with a steady volume of traffic.  It is important to increase traffic to your website in order to generate a steady traffic of leads (potential customers) for your brand or product. 

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