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Social Media Blogging


Social Media The Best Digital Tool For SEO Of Your WebsiteThe Best Digital Tool For Organic Search Results

Relevant content writing or 'blogging' in social media sites and blogger communities is the best method to gain organic search engine traffic to whatever you are promoting and achieve a Google Authority for your website.

Affiliate marketers need an optimum volume of traffic to generate leads for the brands or products in their 'niche' market. Organic search engine traffic is generated through the informational and transaction queries made from internet users.

Search engines match these queries to relevant content writing in blogs and content writing in website owners' web pages.  They drive free search engine traffic to relevant content writing.

Social media networks are enhanced marketing systems for helping search engine do their 'job of driving traffic to relevant content' more efficiently and faster. 

Social media user-generated platforms (such as Facebook) have a built-in 'networking system' (such as blogging 'fresh content' regularly, guest blogging, sharing, cross-promoting) that exponentially increases the volume of free search engine traffic to the network itself. 

To paraphrase, social media networks are magnets for free search engine traffic; and especially for, organic search engine traffic.

Master the Art of Blogging

Apply blogging in social media networks as a digital tool to redirect search engines to your website's relevant content writing.  In this way, you can achieve traffic and optimization objectives:

  • Drive free traffic to your website
  • Ideally drive free 'targeted traffic' and 'organic traffic' to brands or products in your 'niche' area
  • Maintain an optimum volume of traffic to gain a Google Authority
  • Brand yourself an authority about the brands or products you are marketing
  • Generate a steady volume of leads (potential customers in search for your specific brand or product)
  • Increased traffic and leads results in a higher conversion rate of leads to sales
  • Generate more than a marginal online income

All of the above reasons explain why affiliate marketers maintain that content is king for creating a successful online business.

Affiliate marketers start blogging and networking in social media platforms in order to showcase your brands or products and drive sales to your online website business.  Members in the paid to click industry start blogging and networking in social media sites to promote your links and get direct referrals.  Both commissioned sales in affiliate marketing and direct referral commission in paid to click are examples of real passive online income.

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