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The goal in affiliate marketing is to get 'sales' and to earn better than a marginal income online.  Apply lead generation marketing strategies using online free user-generated platforms to drive consumer targeted traffic to your brands or products. 

Social Media Marketing

Simply learn how to share your information with other users to generate new visitors to your website and links.  Join popular social media networks and blogger communities to post relevant content such as useful information, product reviews, guidelines, beginner guides, tips and hints.  Be knowledgeable about your brands and products and articulate your message.  Brand yourself an authority for the brands and products you are promoting.  Build a following which in turn will gain you more new visitors. Cross-promote with other bloggers to build your own advertising team of influential network bloggers.  Redirect traffic from your social media pages and blog pages to your website and links in order to generate leads and increase the conversion rate of leads to sales.  In short, your social media and blogging activities become landing pages that pre-sell you brands and products and redirect to your website to sell more brands and products, or directly redirect to the affiliate program tracking link to receive compensation for per click, per sale, or per lead.  Many ecommerce merchants in Master Affiliate Networks also pay web publishers or 'affiliates' for 'per action' (per click and per lead).  These performance based advertising networks implement affiliate tracking software to document First Click (the first affiliate who succeeds in getting a user to click on a product link and make a purchase within the limits of the expiration cookie is credited with the sale even though this user may have visited another affiliate's website and clicked the link on the second affiliate's website to make the purchase).

Content Marketing

It is achieved through relevant content writing in your website and blog pages.  This is the most effective strategy to drive free search engine traffic and generate new leads (drive new visitors) to your website and affiliate tracking brand and product links.  Relevant content writing generates targeted (geo-targeted, age-targeted, gender-targeted) consumer traffic.  It generates 'organic' traffic as opposed to sales-generated traffic from paid advertising campaigns (such as Google AdSense, InfoLinks, Propeller Ads, Chikita and similar PPC (pay per click) Advertising Networks.)  Generating 'organic' traffic through relevant content writing optimizes the search engine recognition of your website and helps web publishers gain a Google Authority for their site url and web pages.  Organic traffic maintains an optimum volume of daily traffic or 'new visitors' to your site. A Google Authority of 1 signifies that search engines have acknowledged the entry of a 'new' website into their worldwide web.  Publishers should aim to achieve a Google Authority of 3 or better to generate new visitors to their site from the informational and transactional user queries which are filtered by search engines which in turn redirect these users to the relevant content in publishers' websites.

Article Marketing

This is a free and easy way to optimize content marketing.  Submit useful and relevant content writing to Free Article Submission Sites.  Publishers include their site url in the profile or resource box in order to generate new leads or 'new visitors' to the landing pages in their website which promote their product (or brands and products from multiple ecommerce merchant affiliate programs).

Video Marketing and Email Marketing

Use video and email marketing to generate free leads or 'new visitors' much in the same way Free Article Submission Websites redirect traffic to publisher websites and affiliate product links.  Google search to find free audio-visual promotional tools to create videos and submit them to online Free Video Submission Sites.  Email Marketing can be achieved in a variety of ways.  Join Free Mailer and Traffic Exchange Sites to promote your links to members in the exchange and additional mailer and traffic exchange partners as in Viral Mailer and Viral Traffic Exchange Sites.  Include a Newsletter Subscription Page in your site to have visitors subscribe to your email address for frequent updates, promotional offers, products reviews, and use incentives such free sample products, free digital downloads and contest entries.

PPC Advertising

This is an effective solution to boost traffic, but it is also a short-term solution to boost traffic to publishers' websites. Pay per click advertising is a powerful tool to generate targeted consumer traffic and increase the conversion rate of leads to sales.  Use PPC advertising to increase sales and indirectly generate new leads or 'new visitors' through the use of incentives and email submission forms in your website.  Online shoppers usually 'bookmark' favourite sites and recommend ecommerce merchant stores to both family and friends (online friends and associates in social media and blogging sites as well as offline friends in their neighbourhood and local community).  Social bookmarking is one of the best forms of social media marketing on user-generated platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Plus and the list of free social media sites and free blogger communities increases daily. These user-generated social and blogging platforms are the best free digital tool or software for affiliate marketing publishers to advertise and monetize.  Social bookmarking generates repeat customers and as well as new customers.  

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