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Minimum Affiliate Marketing Publisher Requirements

Joining affiliate marketing programs (such as ShareASale) and PPC (pay per click) advertising networks (such as Chitika) is free.

The minimum requirements for publishers in affiliate marketing include a registered domain name, a quality website and paid hosting.  Publishers submit their website for approval in PPC Advertising Networks; while in Affiliate Marketing, publisher register with an affiliate program and their site is manually approved by merchant advertisers.  Some merchant stores have automatic approval, but brand name merchant stores approve manually after reviewing the quality of your website.

A second option is to begin in affiliate marketing for free (without paid hosting and a domain name, and without owning a website).  Create a blog to showcase your products and submit articles to free article submission sites including a link to your blog in the resource box. The blog serves as a landing page to pre-sell a product (such as a digital download 'Piano For All' ClickBank Product) that you are marketing through the content writing in your blog.  ClickBank is an in-house affiliate program for digital products and services and it is a popular choice for many blogger who want to monetize their blog page. 

NOTE:   The free method of marketing products is not sanctioned by all affiliate marketing programs as most merchant stores do require affiliate marketers to own a domain name and a professional-looking quality website to market their brands.

There are several free blogging sites that also offer an upgrade package for members who want their own domain name. 


Blogging Sites That Host And Publish Blogs For Free

Wix.com - is one of the most popular blogging platforms for affiliate marketers.  It has an extensive selection of unique and modern themes and professional-looking templates, including ecommerce. It has an incredible selection of apps and features bloggers can add-on in order to sell other people's products and market their product using newsletters and email marketing.  You can also add your social media links which enables bloggers to promote their landing pages in multiple blogging platforms. This blogging platform also has an app to Google AdSense your blog.  The drag and drop features and built-in library of photography, images and clip art make it super easy for bloggers to customize as well as optimize their blog for search engine recognition.  You can also upgrade to paid hosting and use your own domain name.

Wordpress.com - is another most popular blogging platform with easy to use drag and drop features to create a customized and professional blog. Similar to wix.com and tumblr.com, it also has built-in networking features that enable you to build a following and implement alternative marketing strategies.

Tumblr.com - is another most popular choice for affiliate publishers because it offers many creative ways to visually showcase products, and it has a built-in networking feature.  Bloggers can 'reblog' your posts which means you can easily partner with other bloggers to cross-promote products, as well as build your following in order to brand yourself an authority for your product.

Weebly.com - has many unique and modern themes as well as many user-friendly features.  This blogging platform also makes it easy for affiliate marketers to showcase other's people products professionally and creatively.

Blogger.com - is also a highly popular and widely used blogging platform for affiliate marketers. Register using Gmail. This blogging platform also offers image hosting and blog updates from your cell phone.

Webs.com - is another popular choice for affiliate publishers to market their product.  It has many drag and drop features to facilitate a unique and customized professional looking blog page.  Ecommerce features are also available which is one more reason why this blogging platform so popular among affiliate marketers.

Google Search the web to find more great free website and blogger sites:

  • Medium.com - implements a story-telling blogging platform style
  • Penzu.com - implements a journal-writing blogging platform style
  • Svbtle.com - implements a chic blogging platform style

Free Article Submission Sites

NOTE:  Effective online article marketing is a highly effective advertising strategy and it should be implemented by professional affiliate marketers as well as professional bloggers. Article marketing to free article submission sites is smart advertising and it's good for business.

Article Marketing is advertising.

Companies write articles for their brands or products such as in the form of newsletters and promotional offers.  They strategically distribute these articles to directories, forums, email lists in order to promote their brands and products.

Article marketing in affiliate marketing is relevant content writing.

Marketing your information-rich and keyword-rich content in free article submission sites has many advantages for affiliate marketers: drive 'organic' traffic to your website; create backlinks that optimize search engine recognition; increase traffic and new visitors to your site; and in turn, increase sales.

Google search free article submission sites.  More and more article submission sites, especial in the social medium venue, appear online daily.  Find one or two article submission sites to submit relevant content with your link in order to build organic traffic to your website.

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