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The mission statement is important content writing for search engine optimization.

Think of the mission statement as a thoughtful well-written introductory message addressed to people who visit your website.  It should include be relevant and useful information about what your website has to offer, how your offer is unique or different from what similar websites have to offer, and why people should consider accepting your offer.

In affiliate marketing, the purpose of your website is to sell third-party products or services.  The reason why people should visit your website is to understand why these products or services are worth having; and why people should purchase these products or services on your website instead of another website. 

Don't hide the mission statement.

It should ideally be placed on the home page or the landing pages in the main menu so that all visitors to your website have an immediate view.  The context is as equally important as the well-written content of the mission page.  Use headlines, taglines, images, photos, colour schemes to make the context of your mission page aesthetically pleasing and inviting. 

The goal of a good mission statement is twofold.

Firstly, a content-rich mission statement attracts the attention of search engines which drive free traffic to your website; and secondly, the context-rich mission web page gains the attention of visitors and invites them to browse through the product categories.  Webmasters always include a mission statement for your website. 


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