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How To Edit Site Structure And Features

1.  Page Properties

Complete the Page Properties for each page of your site for two reasons

  • Google 'snippets' (generation of page titles and descriptions) for search results takes into consideration both the content and references to the content — the page properties.
  • Page properties optimize the web pages of your website for maximum search engine visibility.

The Title Tag:

  • Brief, descriptive and relevant to the content of your page.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and repetition.
  • Create a unique title for each web page of your site.
  • Capitalize every main word in the title tag in the Page Properties and in the title in each page of your site.
  • Maximum word count 60 characters.

The Description:

  • Each page of your site must have a meta description.
  • And this is very important!  Each page must have a different meta description.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and repetition.
  • Describe the content of the page.  Be concise, use detail and use the relevant keyword in your description.

2.  Keywords

Strategically place keywords for optimum search engine recognition.

  • Keywords in the body of the content writing and in the title tag.
  • Keywords in the anchor text for inbound links and internal links on your site that point to a document or a specific page
  • Keywords in image alt attributes, image anchor tags
  • Keywords in the top and top-half of your web page rather than the bottom half and the bottom of web page
  • Keywords in the domain name (http://emoneybiz.gr/)
  • Keywords in the URL slug ( http://emoneybiz.gr/portfolio/ )
  • For more information about image optimization  How to SEO Images

Free Keyword Tools

3.  H Tags

  • Include keywords in H tags (heading tags)
  • Use only one H1 tag in the index page (home page)
  • Use no more than three H2, H3 tags in a web page
  • Include at least one or tow H4, H5, H6

4.  Speed Test

  • Resize images using a photo editor. Do not resize them using the Picture Properties.
  • Avoid using over-sized image which slow down the website upload speed and decrease search engine optimization

5.  HTML Validation

A missing piece of code or a mistake in the code used to create your site is a validation error.  For example, an html validation error is a mistake in the html code in the web page of your site.  Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Expressions Web4 use html as opposed to Wordpress which uses javascript.  Html code is easier to edit, and this is why it is highly recommended to create your first project using html. 

<li>Html code is easy to learn and edit.</li>
<li>Google search 'html snippets' code generators to copy paste.</li>
<li>Web design is a step-by-step process.</li>
<li>Enjoy your work.</li>
  • Html code is easy to learn and edit.
  • Google search 'html snippets' code generators to copy paste.
  • Web design is a step-by-step process.
  • Enjoy your work.

The code above is html and it is used to create a Bullet List.  The html code is highlighted.  If this code is not correct or missing a character or a symbol or you may have inadvertently entered a wrong character or symbol, this is a validation error that you need to correct manually or automatically by using a Validation Auto Checker.

  • Microsoft Expressions Web 4 Site Builder is no longer available. However as of 2020 Microsoft offers another free download website builder:  Microsoft RocketCake Responsive Website Builder.  The paid version is available for about $40.  Click the link below to download the free version onto your desktop.

Free Download   https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/rocketcake-responsive-website-designer-free/9nblggh4059p?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

  • Google the web to find free validation software and tools.

6.  Search Engine Index

Signal search engines to crawl your site or 'fresh' content by keying into the search engine browser the http:// address of the page you want indexed enclosed within double quotation marks.  For example, Google search  "http://emoneybiz.gr"  (site url) or "http://emoneybiz.gr/portfolio.html"  (a specific web page) to signal Google search engines to immediately crawl or 'index' your site or a page in your site.

Manually index your site url and individual web pages in different search engine browsers (such as Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Semrush).  Remember to index new content you create in order to optimize the site url for search engine recognition and approval to gain a Google Authority of 3 or better in order to boost traffic to your site.  A site url that has a Google Authority of 1 means that search engines have crawled the site and simply recognize it to be a 'new' site.  Google Authority is assigned to the site url and a separate Google Authority is assigned to web pages in the site.  The more information indexed; the higher the likelihood of getting a Google Authority.

Pinging is automated indexing to signal search engines to crawl a new site or fresh content added to an existing site.  Use free online backlink generators to automatically 'ping' your site or pages in your site to popular search engines and RSS (Rich Site Summary) directories.  Automated pinging is a second way to get your site immediately indexed by search engines and to have search engine drive free traffic to your site. 

A word of caution:  Ping only when you have added 'fresh' or 'new content' to avoid Google penalties such as 'blocking search engine traffic to your site'.  Do not repeatedly 'ping' the same content and avoid 'pinging' too many times. 


7.  Backlinks

Backlinking is a search engine optimization protocol for 'site recognition', so too many backlinks to non-related 'niche' markets may lead search engines to read your site as spam.  Having backlinks to a few non-related 'niche' market sites is definitely preferable to not having any backlinks at all.  Backlinks are a pre-requisite for search engine recognition and approval to gain a Google Authority to your site url; and for generating and driving free search engine traffic to your site url.

In affiliate marketing, webmasters need backlinks to gain a Google Authority.  It cannot be achieved by using pay per click advertising.  The Google Authority assigned to a website url is like a 'merit' badge from search engines which 'award' your site url with a steady volume of traffic.  It is important to increase traffic to your website in order to generate a steady traffic of leads (potential customers) for your brand or product. 


8.  DMOZ Index - As of 2020 DMOZ is no longer in service.  However there are several similar reference libraries online. Search the web to find them.

DMOZ Open-Directory  is a reference library of over four million websites.  Webmasters add your site url to the DMOZ Index to boost traffic to your site.  It's a free service.  The DMOZ Index is another search engine optimization protocol which means that website submission to the DMOZ open-directory is a pre-requisite for search engine recognition and approval to gain a Google Authority for your site url.  The goal is to gain a site url Google Authority of 3 or better in order to boost traffic to your website.  The Google Authority search engines assign to your site determines the volume of free search engine traffic to your site. 


9.  Social Media

Add social media share and follow buttons to all the pages in your website.  Read the articles

 SEO Social Media Click Here To Learn How to SEO Social Media
Social Media: The Best Digital Tool For Organic Traffic  Click Here Learn How Use Social Media To Build Traffic 


10.  Www Redirect

Although the domains http://www.emoneybiz.gr and http://emoneybiz.gr redirect to the same website, search engines interpret them as two different sites.  This technicality (www url and non-www url) is confusing to search engines which lead them to conclude one of two possibilities:

  • one of the two domain urls is spam
  • to split search engine optimization results between the two domain urls

To help search engine index only one domain url, you need to redirect the non-www domain url to a www url.  So that when internet users accesses http://emoneybiz.gr  they will automatically be redirected to http://www.emoneybiz.gr

It does not really matter in terms of search engine optimization which of the two domain urls you select.  Both types of site urls (www domain url or non-www domain url are compatible with search engine queries.  What does matter is to have search engines index only one version of your domain url. 


11.  Tracking

You need a Google Account to sign up for Google Analytics Tracking.  If you don't have a Gmail, create a Google Account Click Here to Create a Google Account

If you already have a Google Account, login using your Gmail account and sign up for Google Analytics Click Here to Sign Up for Google Analytics

Add Tracking Code In The Right Place  Access the HTML code (use Split screen to access the html code of your website).  Then add the tracking script at the top of the web page immediately before the </head> tag.  Add the tracking script to the home page (the index page of your website); and do the same for each page in your website that you want to track.

Google Analytics is the best free tracking software, but applications are not always approved.  Webmasters need some kind of tracking software to fulfil search engine protocols.  Don't panic if Google Analytics is unavailable to you.  There are several free alternatives (usually open-source platforms) to Google Analytics that may require uploading to your server.

Invisible tracking software solution includes  eXTReMe TrackingFree Tracker eXTReMe Tracking   

Open source tracking software solutions include  Open Web Analytics Click Here to Sign Up for Free Tracking Software     and Clicky Click Here to Sign Up for Clicky.com Free Tracking Software 

You can Google the web to find additional free tracking. 


12.  Images

Read the article about SEO Images Click Here to Learn How to SEO Images 


13.  Link Analyze

There are two types of links on web pages:  Internal Links and External Links.  The internal and external link count in each web page is important to search engine optimization.

Internal Links represent the most important sections of your website.  External Links from other sites which point to or tie back to your website determine the site's niche.

The maximum internal link count is 100 in a page.

The maximum external link count is 20 in a page.  Any extreme count of external links (for example, External Link Count is 119) may be an indication that your website has been hacked.

  • Edit and monitor the external link count in order to maintain optimum search engine optimization ( to maintain optimum free traffic to your website from search engine informational and transactional queries); and to avoid the risk of search engines misinterpreting your web page as spam or hacked.


Recommend Using the Free Services of Optimizr.com Easy Website Check

Optimizr is a free online service that provides step-by-step mini-tutorials about how to correct errors in your website.  It emails a detailed diagnostic analysis outlining which features have been successfully optimized, which features need editing, or which features are missing.  It provides mini-tutorials and web page references in order to easily locate the errors.

If you are still confused about how to correct a search engine protocol, they provide further clarification, theory and applications on their site. Create a free account and log-in to access the information.

The monthly website checks enable website owners to easily optimize their site and to maintain it in good condition for optimum search engine recognition. 

Optimizr Easy Website Check is a very useful tool to help you optimize your website.  The list of protocols for optimum search engine optimization is extensive.  It is a relief to find this information on one site.  Click Here For Optimizr Online Easy Website Check Free Online Services  

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