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It is recommended to use the FREE membership.  There is little or no profit to be made by upgrading.

If you choose to upgrade, get direct referrals first.  Remember that direct referrals may become INACTIVE and this means that the investment you made on the upgrade is lost.

Optimized site structure is important for receiving optimum free search engine traffic from organic search results.

Regularly submit fresh content and networking with social media blog sites to direct visitors to your website steadily builds daily traffic and search engine recognition.

These are the best two long-term solutions to boost traffic to your site and to build a long-term daily optimum flow of free search engine traffic from informational search queries.  It is well worth the invest of time and effort to optimize site structure and create accounts on one or two popular social media networks.

These strategies require a continuous investment of work and time.

They are FREE and effective ways to boost traffic.

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