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Become A PublisherBecome a Publisher

Monetize Your Web Pages and Get Paid to Send Traffic To Network Ads

There are several advantages of becoming a publisher for media advertising networks.

  • Increase the dollar value of your website.
  • Increase SEO - search engine optimization.
  • Boost traffic to your web pages.
  • More traffic converts to more visitors which are potential customers or direct referrals.
  • Generate passive income.

How Publishers Earn

Per click (per impression)
Per 'mille'
(per 1000 impressions)
Per action (such as per registration, per subscription, per sale)
Per view (unique IP page view)
Per lead
Per Auction
(per real-time ad bidding)

Ad Formats

Banner Ads (static and flash banner ads)
In-Banner Ads
(non-intrusive banner ads in the margins of a web page)
Text Ads
In-Text Ads
(non-intrusive overlay ads)
Tag Clouds
Interstitial Ads
(mobile full screen ads or an ad which appears in a separate browser window while waiting for webpage to load)
In-Screen Interstitial Ads

Pop Ups
Pop Under Ads
Slider Ads
Ad Widgets
Auto-Play Videos
(moblile ads)

Fast Approval And No Minimum Traffic Requirement For Publishers

Earn Advertising Revenue Join VigLink Ad Network©2008 Leads Leap - This traffic advertising site pays per click.  Add their ad widget in the html code of your website. When visitors click the ads, you will earn 15% for Free Members or 30% for Pro Members weekly revenue share when you send traffic to the ads in their network. Earning is based on 15% or 30% of their average weekly earnings in the past 4 weeks and the amount of traffic you send in that week. The more people who click your Ad Widget, the more earnings you will make.  Instant publisher approval and no minimum daily traffic requirement.  Minimum Payout is $10 via PayPal. 

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